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Amounted to 52 billion euros in 2030. It will be 194 billion euros. „We often talk about the economic dimension, Sturt-ups will be able to process data and provide various services to the users. But it is also an important element for the functioning transparent, democratic state, so that these data give the citizen the opportunity to make inquiries. It is gauge whether the state is open. European Union depends on getting as much data was available for citizens „- he explained the MEP.

Boni added that compared to the existing Directive novelty is far wider scale adjustment and the need for technical preparation, as the data should be properly formatted, which is associated in some cases with the need for anonymization. The new directive is in fact consistent with the General Regulation of the EU Data Protection (RODO). „We are talking about data that should be + rozczytywalne + everywhere and by everyone, the data, which should be dynamic in nature, which is to be available in real time. For the first time in the directive were covered by the obligation to share data, open data, but later re their use, public companies, and we had to take care of it, to openness, accessibility of their data does not undermine their competitive position on the market „- he stressed. Death with the provisions of the Directive, all the content of the public sector, which can be accessed under the national legislation on access to documents, are generally freely available for re-use. For such a use of public sector bodies will not be able to charge higher than the marginal cost, except in very few cases. This is to enable more SMEs and start-ups entering new markets with its offer of products and services based on the data. The EU places particular emphasis on data sets of high value, such as statistics and geospatial data.

Another category to which the detective, the data generated by the companies providing public services in the transport sector and public services. The decision whether such data must be made available, shall be based on various national or European. However, if these data are available for reuse, will henceforth be subject to the Directive. This means that these companies will have to follow the rules of the Directive and ensure that appropriate data formats and dissemination methods, and would still be able to fix a reasonable fee to recover the costs involved. Another issue is governed by the Directive are concluded by public authorities with private companies, contracts for complex data, which potentially can lead to „locking“ of public sector information. Safeguards have been introduced to increase transparency and limit the conclusion of agreements which might lead to exclusiveness involving the re-use of public sector data only by private partners.

The Directive also says more data in real time, available through application programming interfaces (APIs). This will enable businesses, especially startups, the development of innovative products and services, eg. Mobile applications. The scope of the Directive are also included data from research financed from public funds. Member States will be required to develop rules to ensure free access to data from research financed from public funds.

While all such data made available through the repositories will be subject to the harmonized rules on re-use. The directive is the result of an agreement European Parliament, the EU Council and the European Commission. Member States on the implementation of new rules for access to public sector data will have two years. (PAP) An additional facility toilets to be charging points phones or tablets, as well as electric cars – said Ji Yang of the Beijing Municipal Management Commission, announcing a program called „toiletries revolution.“ Each of the new toilets will cost 50 thousand. yuan (approx. 7.6 thousand. dollars.). „Toilette revolution“ will also include the existing chalets, where they will be installed urinals for boys and facilities for niepełnosprawnych.Jak writes the AP, is the fifth in recent decades, urban program to improve public toilets in Beijing. (PAP) According to the city treasurer Renata Ćwirzeń-Szymańska, the credit is to allow for the implementation of municipal investments, which have the support of the European Union. It is primarily about situations where it is necessary to pre-financing of investment by government or additional payment from EU funds is reimbursed after the investment. According to the treasurer, the credit will maintain the liquidity of the city at a time when its area is carried out a record number of works for the implementation of which will be used different funding mechanisms. Taking out a loan against councilors were from the club of Law and Justice.

According to their calculations, a debt the city, as evidenced by the planned increase in debt of 278 million at the end of 2018 to about 415 million next year. The president of Opole Arkadiusz Wisniewski in response to these objections pointed out that thanks to the loans, the amount of which is kept at a safe level for the city, it is possible to realize many investments that benefit all residents of the capital region. At the same time he pointed out that the choice and implementation of investment projects met with a decisive and very good assessment of the residents of the city who, during the election gave him more than 70 percent. votes. Finally, in favor of the resolution authorizing the taking out a loan of 20 councilors voted. Three councilors were against, and one abstained. (PAP) by Marek Szczepanik Szczerski, who was the guest on Tuesday RMF FM, was asked whether it concerned the situation with a return flight from London government delegation. Presidential Minister declared that „the situation in London is a little exaggerated.“ He noted, however, that worried him two things. „One, but I would like to know that someone behind it bear responsibility. Therefore, there is no such thing as decisions, which he undertakes in the air.

It’s someone decided that introduced the journalists – as I understand from this article – to aircraft beyond measure. Just one such decision was taken, we can not say that it was taken, has taken a decision. the decision not to take. somebody take it „- said Szczerski. Inquired whether this situation is expected to draw the consequences, he said he pay someone to write my research paper essay expected that „just someone to admit that it was a mistake, and then pulled out of the requests, because of the situation that prevailed“. See also: Member of Government admits: There are two instructions HEAD. „Beata Kempa says jęzeykiem potoczym ‚“ „And the second thing that bothers me: it can not be that the prime minister Szydło waiting, and half of the government, the fact that people inferior in the hierarchy of officials reached an agreement among themselves, who come from the plane . It just can not be. the president, the prime minister can not wait for their officials until they graciously agree among themselves who will be the loser and come out of the plane, just can not be. the president once waited half a minute on one of the officials, I was late to the column, and after what he heard any more is never late „- stressed Szczerski. On Monday, „Dziennik Gazeta Prawna“ published an article on the return of the government delegation last week from a visit to London, where he held the British-Polish consultations chaired by the prime ministers: Beata Awl and Theresa May.

Wrote „DGP“ military casa, which flew journalists to London, she had to fly home six hours later than embraer government, the delegation traveled. Daily wrote that it turned out that journalists have to go back Embraer, and then on board the aircraft were first more people than there were seats, the plane was badly balanced. See also: Tupolewizm: Two planes packed into one, which is how the Polish delegation was returning from London »According to“ DGP „, held the conversation, who is on the plane, and who gets out to fly a few hours later, CASA, and the captain Embraer announced that the plane will not fly until the problem is solved; finally after leaving the deck by a group of people embraer flew to Polish. Head of Chancellery Beata Kempa referring to Monday’s article „DGP“ statements and PO politicians stressed on Monday that the „civilian“ manual HEAD has not been broken in connection with the government delegation last week’s flight from London. On Tuesday, when asked about the situation in the radio Jedynka head of the Prime Minister’s Office said that they can always be situations at which you have to react. „Let me remind you that if, for example at airports falls fog, then very often the passengers too nervous waiting for departure time. In this situation, if we had information from LOT that we can direct to the aircraft such, and not another number of passengers, such also headed.

However, if the pilot ultimately believes that even this number should be corrected, the decision of the remote control is not discussed, but adjustments are made. And we did it „- she added Kemp. On Friday at the headquarters of the Patient Ombudsman concluded talks with residents of the Minister of Health. The meeting was also attended by the head of the political office of Prime Minister Marek Suski. Protesters demanding a increase funding for health care to 6.8 per cent. Of GDP in 2021.

And an increase in salaries of medical staff. From November carry out the action to express opt-out clause, ie voluntary consent of a doctor to work over 48 hours. tygodniowo.Po meeting, the minister said that he has prepared proposals that would satisfy residents and patients. „All this could not talk, because the state residents said that since about money dogadaliśmy not, then there is something to talk about, and decided that they simply come out“ – reported Radziwiłł.Jednocześnie expressed the hope that further discussion is still possible. „Initially we agreed that after analyzing the positions of the exchange that took place, probably in a few days we meet again“ – he said. He pointed out that „to this, to get along in these important issues for patients, we need good will on both sides.“ „Today the state of its residents was not seen“ – rated minister.Zaznaczył that one of the prepared elements was the announcement of an agreement to increase the amount of funds allocated for the financing of health care was more rapid than expected in November’s law guarantees a gradual increase in funding to 6 percent . GDP in 2025.Minister also said that he wanted to talk with residents, among others, on new proposals to solve the problem of queues, computerization of health care and improve the quality of health care. The Minister also spoke about the „whole package of offers for residents,“ among others the ability to select against three specialty residency in the country indicated the central section residencies or the possibility of granting additional leave szkoleniowego.zobacz residents also Krezusi and paupers in white coats, or how much they earn doctors‘ „With great regret I have to say that we are very disappointed by this meeting. We are tired of disappointment and expends most of our emotions that the Minister for health and Minister Suski came completely unprepared for this meeting without any proposal, „- said Biliński.Jak reported for the first hour meeting topic of conversation was what the government did to So far for health care. „When we came finally to an agreement that we need to discuss this point, because from this point follow all the subsequent, we heard the proposal of the Ministry of Health and the government. And this proposal, I have to say this was the most pathetic in the whole meeting. Ie.

Mr. Minister, in a way with permission of the Prime Minister (Matthew) Morawiecki said the government will make every effort to accelerate the growth of spending on health care, if economic conditions permit, „- said Bilinski. He estimated that it was a sign of disrespect to them, because „not met the basic principle of negotiating point, that there is no instantiation of this point,“ .Biliński said that during the meeting was accepted „and far-reaching compromise“ proposal: to achieve 6 percent. Of GDP in 2023. This represents a reduction of 6.8 percent threshold. and prolongation of 2021. „The Ministry of Health on the question, how do they react to this proposal, it turned out that it really does not have the prerogatives nor the Minister Suski, nor the Minister Radziwill, to adopt binding budgetary decisions. This means that They invited us to meet again, where there were people that could make binding decisions. we consider this move far not fair „- Biliński.Dodał stressed that the minister Suski was asked at the meeting about what would happen to achieve 6 percent. Of GDP in 2023. „The response was incredible.

The Minister replied, + he would have become a miracle +. We felt a complete lack of knowledge of economics, health economics. If the Minister of Constitutional says he would have become a miracle, and that the Polish state today can not afford it, do not no money, the budget is not made of rubber and does not stretch, it means one thing: the government has not given priority to health „- stressed Biliński.Biliński also said that the proposal meeting with Prime Minister Matthew Morawieckim is still valid. He stressed that if the Prime Minister once again appoint a Minister Radziwill and will refer the proposal to the residents, you will meet with the Minister „with respect to the office of the Prime Minister“ agreement .Wiceprzewodniczący residents also stressed that during the meeting there was talk about money. „We have shown also here that the increases are not important and do not give anyone tell – and the public – that doctors come after the money for themselves. The point of the first is to increase spending on health care and without passing this point we have nothing further to talk about. Because it shows that the government does not do anything new, what we already know, without additional measures, „- he said earlier in the week Biliński.Na MZ said that the opt-out clause commented more than 3.5 thousand. 88 thousand doctors. physicians working in hospitals.

On Thursday, Deputy Minister Joseph Szczurek-Iron announced that the number of denunciations from day to day from 3572 to 3422 Agreement Residents OZZL estimates that such denunciations is approx. 5 tys.W Minister Radziwill recent days repeatedly assured that the situation in health care is under control and nothing happened pacjentów.Resort life-threatening health ensures that the demands of the protesters are being implemented. MZ indicates that recently came into effect a law under which the expenditures on health care have gradually rise to 6 per cent. Of GDP in 2025. Also points out that since January salaries of young doctors once again increased and now they amount to 3.6 thousand. zł to 4.7 thousand.